Inquirer Conversations “Millennials of APEC”

So I was invited to speak on behalf of the Sandbox Collective’s No Filter team at the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Inquirer Conversations this coming Monday. I guess being one of the head writers and the dramaturge for a much-talked-about show all about millennials gives me dramatic insight on the millennial mindset and will help open up interesting avenues to explore the topic about the subset of the generation.


The event is open to the public and it’s free but you have to call ahead to reserve seats so that’s pretty important if you want to make sure you can come and watch. Since April of this year, ever since Toff invited me to join the creative team of No Filter, I’ve been engaged in the millennial mindset — reading up on them, observing them, helping dramatise their story unto the stage, trying to help capture their voice, and then collecting the insights and feedback from all our audiences throughout each show — and I’m hoping that all of that work (that hasn’t really stopped as we continue on with our re-run) will help me say enlightening things at Monday’s panel.

Thankfully, I’ve always been comfortable in front of an audience if all I had to was be myself and talk about something which I know and from the work I’ve put in over the past months, I feel confident that I won’t be a waste of space and time.

And it’s kind of nice to be a part of an APEC panel on something. It makes me feel so… distinguished. That’s not a feeling I get very often. It feels nice.


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