PODCAST: Let’s talk about HIV with Wanggo Gallaga (Rappler)

So, last week, I recorded a podcast with Sex and Sensibilities columnist Ana Santos to talk about the HIV epidemic in the country. I went to the Rappler offices one afternoon and spent the next hour and a half just conversing with her while everything was being recorded.

Of the hour-long discussion, they ended up with this 28-minute podcast of me sharing my story and some of the things that I’ve learned over the years as a Person Living with HIV (PLHIV).


Because, really, the advocacy work is never done. Especially with numbers this high and the increase doesn’t seem to be slowing down, we need to get the information out there and really encourage people to change their lives. Talking about it out in the open really is the best course of action because we have to make the discussion normal and frequent.

I think that’s one of the reasons why I chose to speak in Taglish (a mixture of Filipino and English) just so I could help get the message across to as many demographics as I could. I get criticised quite a bit for being too elitist or high-brow and that my message sometimes doesn’t come across and I hate it because it’s hard for me to communicate properly outside of English but I will adjust as best as I can to reach the audience that needs to be reached.

Here’s the Podcast with Ana Santos:

And if you want to go directly to the site, you can go here:

PODCAST: Let’s talk about HIV with Wanggo Gallaga (link / Rappler)

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