What We Learned from Heneral Luna

So I finally got to watch the much-talked about film, Heneral Luna, and I’ve been out of commission when it came to writing for Juice for a long while now and while I have the nicest, kindest editors in the world; they were slightly nudging me to write something about the film.

John Arcilla as Heneral Luna

John Arcilla as Heneral Luna

It was such an ordeal because so much had been said about the film already. I made it to the third week and the film is either loved or hated (more loved than hated) and I am a fan of director Jerrold Tarog’s Sana Dati. I love that movie. So I was coming in with the expectation that Heneral Luna would be of a similar vein and with all the raves and praises, that I would just have to sit back and enjoy the film.

But I didn’t like it. Lucky for me, it has been three weeks since the movie showed so I wasn’t so much as hinged on writing a review as I was to talking about the full Philippine film context of the success of Heneral Luna and what it means for the industry.

Check out my article here: What We Learned from Heneral Luna (link / Juice.ph)

At the end of the day, regardless of what I thought about the film, the movie becomes a great jumping point for what is wrong with a lot of Filipino movies. It has its flaws. Any true cineaste would agree, I think. And a lot of dissenting opinions would have to eventually come to realise that most of why they liked it or hated it is more a matter of taste, for the most part. What is it that you want/expect from a film? But there are lessons that can be learned from why this movie did so well. And my thoughts on it are all there in the article.

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