No Filter 2.0: We are opening this weekend!!!

Have you gotten your tickets yet for the re-staging of one of the surprise theatrical hits of 2015? The Sandbox Collective’s original play No Filter was a surprise smash hit, selling all its tickets in its second weekend of its two weekend run last July that we had to extend it for two more shows that we also managed to sell-out. The response and feedback from the people who saw the show was amazing and the word-of-mouth helped propel the show to a level we were not expecting.

There was no question that we had to stage it again. We thought it would be next year, with the time to really study the material and bring it to the next level. But there were so much requests for a re-staging that we had to fast-track the whole process and devote a whole month to evolving the show to its next level.

So The Sandbox Collective and the team behind No Filter is happy to announce that No Filter 2.0 is ready to open on October 3 at the brand new Power Mac Center Spotlight in the new Circuit, Makati. With a brand new stage (and staging), brand new monologues, and more millennials (welcome to the family Sam Concepcion, Carla Humphries, and Paolo Valenciano!), we are excited and beyond thrilled to present our evolved show.

Our original

Our original “Great Eight” is back but with some new faces as well! (So now what do we call them? The “Excellent Eleven?” Well, we’ll think of something…)
Buy your tickets now!

Original cast members Saab Magalona-Bacarro and Mikael Daez will only be performing for No Filter 2.0 on a limited engagement run for the first weekend (all shows of October 3 and October 4), so you better catch their shows but it’s a great idea to get another set of tickets to catch their alternates (Carla Humphries and Lauren Young alternate with Saab Magalona-Bacarro and Micah Munoz and Paolo Valenciano alternate with Mikael Daez) because the structure of the show warrants for various interpretations of the monologues and its so interesting to hear their different approaches. Jasmine Curtis-Smith alternates with Sam Concepcion so you might want to see the changes of interpretation of the same monologue when done by a lovely, strong, young lady or an intelligent young man. It’s quite a trip.

Cai Cortez and Sarah Facuri are also reprising their roles, alternating, and will be performing fan favourite monologues and a new monologue called Rocket Science.

And of course, the indefatigable Khalil Kaimo will be performing all shows (without an alternate) so no matter what show you watch, you get to experience Khalil’s incredible talent.

So, there’s really no reason to just experience No Filter 2.0 just once. With an amazing cast and under the directorial vision of critically-acclaimed director Toff de Venecia working with the much praised writings of some of today’s amazing young writers like Jam Pascual, Petra Magno, Don Jaucian, BP Valenzuela, Jonty Cruz, and so much more with new monologues by Kara Ortiga, Gian Lao, and again, by one of our head writers Jam Pascual.

This is an entirely different show with a new direction and vision but still the same raw emotions, honesty, and sincerity that made the first staging connected so strongly with our audience.

So reserve your tickets and we’ll see you at the Power Mac Centre Spotlight at Circuit Makati.

For tickets, check out this poster for the numbers to call:



6 thoughts on “No Filter 2.0: We are opening this weekend!!!

    • Please come and watch and I hope you like it. We worked extra hard on making a tighter show and the new venue changes the intimacy setting to a higher degree.

      Just contact the numbers of the schedule you want to catch to reserve tickets.

      I hope you come! And bring your friends. 🙂

  1. Where to get tickets if you’re planning to watch but you’re not from Manila? I wanna get the tickets first before I actually book a flight 😦 help

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