a religious matter

I got admitted yesterday in the hospital. I was suffering from intense and severe muscle pain. 

Today, I’m okay. It was/is potassium deficiency and I had so much potassium pumped into my system overnight and they are doing it again for the rest of the day until I reach normal levels.

What bothers me, though, is when I was being admitted they asked for my religion, which I answered, “Agnostic.” The girl didn’t know what that meant so I just said to put “none.”

Then when the meal trays come in, I see this: 

Why did they insist on putting Catholic when I said “none?” I find it unnecessary and a little offensive. Appropriating me into their fold because they couldn’t grasp the idea of a person without a religion.

It’s a small thing really but it offends me. When so much bigotry and discrimination happens because of religion, I choose not to have one and that isn’t respected. I find the righteousness violating. Like they think it is okay because they are saving my soul.

It’s tiny, I know. I just got shocked. I normally would just laugh about this but I got shocked. Like people were making choices for me.

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