No Filter 2.0 is coming on October!

Yesterday’s blog entry mentioned an important event I couldn’t miss last Tuesday. It was the press conference for the announcement of No Filter‘s second run. This is not an extension. This is the continuation of the development of the play and we have evolved quite a bit… no, quite a lot. We call it No Filter 2.0 because it’s bigger and better and more refined but without losing it’s rawness and honesty.

New millennials! New monologues! New venue! More show dates! Revised monologues! Re-imagined direction! There’s just so many reasons to come back to watch this show over and over again!

Our original

Our original “Great Eight” is back but with some new faces as well! (So now what do we call them? The “Excellent Eleven?” Well, we’ll think of something…)
Buy your tickets now!

We’ve got Sam Concepcion, Carla Humphries, and Paolo Valenciano joining the cast as alternates for Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Saab Magalona-Bacarro and Lauren Young, and Micah Munoz and Mikael Daez, respectively, and still with Cai Cortez, Sarah Facuri, and Khalil Kaimo. We’ve set aside some monologues for this run to make way for new monologues, trimmed down and refined the original monologues and made them tighter and stronger and with the new venue of Power Mac Center Spotlight Blackbox Theater at the all-new Circuit Makati, the play can only be much more engaging in a more intimate setting.

As you can tell, I’m super ecstatic about this. We are so deep in rehearsals and revising the text and we are thrilled to have a chance to do this all over again and with a bigger family now.

So, it’s pretty important to get your tickets early because if our last five shows are any indication, this is going to be a hot ticket and it will disappear quickly, even with all these added extra dates. And the moment the cast performance schedules are released, it’s best to catch different shows with different cast combinations because it’s fantastic to see how the different interpretations can affect the material.

So, it’s back and we’re are in full swing again. No Filter 2.0 opens on October 2 and we’d love to see you there and experience this with us all over again. Share the news, spread the word, and let us know through our official hashtag #SandboxNoFilter.

Because we are always just beginning.



2 thoughts on “No Filter 2.0 is coming on October!

  1. I’ve been diagnosed with HIV last August 22 and I have completed all necessary baseline tests. At the moment, my CD4 count is 464. I feel practically normal physically but emotionally, there are some highs and a lot more lows. I have literally read through most (maybe, all) of your blog posts in the first 48 hours after I found out about my condition. And while your posts are entertaining and in most parts educational, what stood out is the inspiration you give. I am sure I’ll be up for a difficult journey but with people like you, I know I’ll be fine. Please continue to write to educate, to entertain and to inspire. While our battles may not exactly be the same, it’s comforting to know that I have an ally who has the same goal as I do… to live a life with HIV to the fullest. Thank you, Wanggo. Stay healthy and positive (pun intended, a little bit). 🙂

    • Thank you. Those are such uplifting words. Thank you so much.

      I know this must be a strange period in your life and hard to navigate — but hold on.

      You’ll be fine. We’re all going to be just fine.

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