Got a review from comfy reading (WordPress blog)

I got reviewed yesterday! Comfy Reading, the book blog for the comfy reader, gave me a review the other day. She said some many wonderful things about my book and I’m so appreciative of that. I wrote a blog entry about looking for reviewers for my e-book, Remnants, in exchange for a free copy of the e-book and she replied and I sent her the book and now it’s out there on her blog.

Check out her review: Comfy Reading: Remnants (link).

From her review:

His poetry is very eloquent, beautiful and it held a heavy hand to me. In a way, I am happy that I am not a poetry reader, so I could really look at his words with a fresh perspective. I thought his poems, though deep and sometimes hard to read, were beautiful in their own way.

Check out the link to my first collection of poetry on my menu bar right below my title page. It’s called Remnants and the links to all the online retailers where it can be purchased is there. Would love for you guys to buy a copy, read it, and would appreciate it even more if you left a review in the online retailer where you purchased a copy, like Amazon or Kobo, because it really helps people make a decision if the book is worth buying or not.

I’m very open to honest reviews because they will help me grow as an artist to hear how people receive the work and I’ll be able to develop and improve. Help spread the word out, if you can, on social media with the hashtag #RemnantsPoems so I can easily find it.

Thanks, Comfy Reading, for the review. I really, really appreciate it and the really nice things you said about me.


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