Angry Johnny by Poe (live from YouTube)

Back in the 90s, when I was still listening to the radio, NU 107.5 would play Angry Johnny late at night and since I didn’t have a curfew, I would catch it and it blew my mind. I love Poe and I followed her from that first album, Hello, to her second album of pure genius, Haunted.

I always thought that Haunted was a perfect album. The concept was incredible and every track was absolutely amazing. I could listen to it from start to finish and I wouldn’t skip a song. It’s one of my all-time favourites.

And then I heard about all her legal troubles when a Warner merger (or something like that) ended up with Atlantic Records cutting ties with her label and her music got caught in the legalities and someone else had control of her name and the masters to her music and she couldn’t perform her songs or sing using her name for almost ten years.

And then, I checked YouTube to see if there were any live versions or bootlegs of her singing her songs and found some new footage of her singing tracks from Haunted and Hello and they were dated recently. She’s performing her songs again? And as Poe?

I checked wikipedia and it seems like she is and I subscribed to her YouTube channel and there’s a clip of a song on loop that hints at brand new recordings. This was in 2012, though. But still. She’s back.

So, in my happy state, I checked the other videos on her channel and found this alternate version of Angry Johnny and I find it far superior to the original studio version with a gorgeous violin underscoring the danger and longing of the lyrics, the bass just bubbling underneath the confident drums and guitar that pushes the song forward. The comments section say it’s live so I’m saying that it’s a live version.

Poe is back and I cannot wait for the new album that I hope comes soon.

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