Sporting a New Look

I had wanted to change the look of the blog for awhile now. I was just too lazy to do it. Maybe not lazy, but the whole idea of learning how to use the WordPress functions just seemed daunting. I’m not the most computer-literate of people and I don’t have much patience for these things, but here you go! I figured it out somehow and I got to change the way the blog looks.

It’s more important to me, anyway, that the blog is easy to read and that you can see as many posts as you can so that you can just read through it. I’m not much a photo person. I’m not very good at it. The writing is my forte and that’s where I would prefer the site to focus on.

The most important thing is that I finally figured out how to fix the menu at the top so that there’s a menu that goes straight towards the Remnants page. I need to bring more people to those links and hopefully get them to click on one of them and buy the book. That’s what I need.

I need to somehow attract reviewers and people to rate the book in those sites. Maybe you’d like to rate the book? Give it a review on any of those online retailers? Send me a message and I’ll send you a free copy in exchange for an honest review and rating on one of the sites. I’d very much appreciate it.

So, this is the new look. Do you like it?

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