John Oliver on Sex Education (YouTube)

Because sex education is very, very important and no matter how much people want to avoid the topic, I’m sorry but it is something that needs to be taught in school because there are so many parents who aren’t teaching it correctly and the majority of kids don’t want to talk about sex with their parents and vice-versa.

It’s years and years of conservative thinking that has made us demonise sex and forced us into this situation where we can’t talk about sex properly with the people who need to know about it the most — the ones who are vulnerable to life-changing consequences like pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

Just look at the rate of teenage pregnancy and kids suffering from STDs of all shapes and sizes to know that something is wrong and that there are changes that need to be made. An open mind and an educated person is not going to take this educated and become some sex freak. The most important thing here is too arm them with ways to protect themselves — physically, emotionally, and mentally.

So when I saw this episode, I just freaked because I thought he handled it excellently and raised extremely important points. And his Sex Education video at the very end? Direct, to the point, medically sound, and totally non-judgmental.

And this is really the key factor in stopping the rise of HIV, especially in a country like the Philippines. We need this because the kids are doing it and no one is giving them the right information and empowering them in a way that they can protect themselves and insist on their rights. It also helps with the awkwardness that comes with puberty and helps out with a lot of gender inequalities. This is important and I hope that this message passes along and they start using a Sex Education video like the one John Oliver presents at the end of his show to schools.

Because old people don’t want to teach sex education in school because they are so scared about actually educating kids in things they need to be educated about in fear of pissing people off. But just look at the data and just look through social media and you’ll see that kids are sexually active at a young age. It’s better that you put the right information in that will empower and not shame.

The last thing you want is for them to seek it out in the dark maze and without a string to lead them back into safety should they get lost out there.

9 thoughts on “John Oliver on Sex Education (YouTube)

  1. Hi Sir! I was asked to propose an idea for our next company CSR activity. I’m thinking maybe we can do something for HIV awareness but no idea what appropriate activity. Any suggestions? Thanks so much,have a good day.

    • Companies who want to engage in HIV Awareness programs usually have a free HIV testing day where you can get a group like “Take the Test” or “Love Yourself” to put up an HIV testing centre at your office, and have counselling bays and do talks on HIV during break time or things of the like, all set in one day. It’s really helpful and I’ve been invited to several of these and it’s very, very helpful. Also, it’s important to discuss HIV policies with your HR and Management Team and someone from PNAC or ASP or similar organisations to help create a company culture that promotes equal opportunities to employees who might be living with HIV. Awareness is nothing without application, after all.

  2. Totally agree! This topic ruffles my feathers. The lack of quality sex ed in schools is disgustingly absurd! Parents and school educators need to put aside their personal beliefs and realize that, as with any situation, knowledge is power. The more education that children/young adults can have today about being sex “smart” is only beneficial. To those kids and the rest of the population.

    • And it isn’t any better where I am from. People can’t grow up with a mature understanding of sex if they are always thought to be afraid of it, be ashamed about it, or feel guilty about wanting it and enjoying it.

      Conservative and religious views on sex is a huge obstacle in HIV prevention (and other STDs), teen pregnancy prevention, and is probably why people have strange behavior and relationships with the opposite sex. Because they are so conflicted about how they feel about them.

      That’s what I think, anyway.

  3. I completely agree. I grew up in a household where the motto was “wait until you’re married”. My parents were too conservative and embarrassed to really discuss it with me. Here in Utah, abstinence is really focused on, particularly because of the lack of separation between church and state. But that’s a whole other topic 🙂 My opinion is that everyone should be educated on the topic and people need to stop viewing it as something “bad”, like you said. You would think with the way the world is evolving, sex education would be more forefront in schools. It’s sad really.

    • Abstinence is still admirable but when done with the proper intention. Abstinence because you are waiting for the right person (not necessarily the person you are going to marry but someone you love and someone who loves you). I’ve had a period of my life where I would engage often in casual sex and random encounters and looking back at it, it really didn’t do me any good. I’m not built for that kind of lifestyle. But to teach abstinence because it’s someone else’s will (or law) is really dumb. If it’s your own choice, then fine.

      The world is evolving, yes, but the conservative people are still in power. They still call the shot and it’s a lot of de-programming that needs to happen.

      A lot of education, not just sex education, but just common sense is badly needed everywhere.

      I hope it happens soon.

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