call it whatever you want

So I saw this on my Time Hop the other day and I just had to screen cap it because it hit me in a very, very strong way:


It hit me so strongly. Three years ago, I saw this quote and put it out there hoping that it would mean something to someone in the Twitter-verse. I’ve always loved putting out quotes because I always felt that it was a way to show that there have been greater thoughts and opinions and writers in the past that still reach out to us and it is a reminder that anything I could ever written may have been said better by someone before.

We learn from our past. And truth is timeless.

And so I love putting out quotes on Twitter and I hoped that a quote would strike a chord in someone and make their day better or help them see through a problem.

Three years later, a quote I loved found its way back to me and hits me right in the gut. A tribe, a clan, a family — whatever you call it, you need one. It hit me hard now that I feel like I’ve found another one to hold close to my heart.

Of course this is still about the cast and crew and everyone working hard on No Filter. It has been my life for the past three months and I feel like it has made room in my heart and has gotten comfortable in its little spot there. Anything these people will need from me in the future is theirs for the asking, theirs for the taking, theirs by the sheer grace of just being who they are. They have opened themselves up to this whole process and I think none of us knew exactly what that really meant or entailed. We all came to do an original show and we came out a well-oiled machine, fuelled by passion and love and respect.

They probably don’t know it but whatever they ask of me, I will do. It has come to this. There is still space in my heart for yet another one.

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