Yesterday, I did absolutely nothing. After a wild, wild night of reckless abandonment (it was the kick-off party for the No Filter team — cast, crew, and friends), where I ended up getting home by 5am. I went to sleep and just stayed in bed THE WHOLE DAY. I only got up to use the bathroom, bring a water bottle to my bed, and to open the door for the food delivery for my dinner (I didn’t have breakfast or lunch).

taken in Bacolod some time around 2013... That's pretty much me yesterday (except with longer hair)

taken in Bacolod some time around 2013… That’s pretty much me yesterday (except with longer hair)

I stayed in bed. I slept and, when I wasn’t sleeping, I was checking my phone and iPad looking at all the posts on the #SandboxNoFilter on Instagram and Twitter and replying to the WhatsApp group thread that the No Filter team uses to keep in touch.

It’s nice to give my body and brain a rest.

I did, after getting up one last time to throw the trash from the food delivery into the bin, ended up cleaning my kitchen a bit. Mopped the floors and shit because it was quite filthy already.

My usually routine for the past few weeks have been waking up, getting ready, going to rehearsals or the theater, and then get home, and then go to bed. Nothing else. The place is a mess. Only mutants can live here.

Tomorrow, I plan to get my shit in order. I’m going to clean up and fix the house (because my parents are coming over for a few days before they leave to visit my sister in the States). I have to show them that I can take care of myself, otherwise, they’re going to do something very parent-like and I might have to make huge adjustments as they try to impose some sort of order to my living arrangements.

I can take care of myself. It’s just… this place, the condo I’m living in, is too big for my capacity. I really should move to a smaller place that’s easier to maintain. Right now, though, I have a sweet deal of taking care of this place for no rent. My brother owns it and I’m just house sitting for him while he’s working abroad.

But it’s a huge place and it’s hard to maintain, especially when you are living all alone.

Tomorrow, I’ll be mopping the floors, sweeping out from underneath furniture and doing all sorts of shit to get it spic-and-span. I’m going to catch up on some day-job writing to put food on my table come next month. And I’m going to do the groceries.

But yesterday, I did nothing.

I think I earned it.

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