Euphoria: No Filter opens tonight, our press preview was a smash

There is no other word for it, really. It’s euphoria. This absolutely feeling of joy that is so consuming that you just can’t stop smiling and you just want to keep spreading it around.

No Filter opens tonight with a 3pm show and an 8pm show at the RCBC Carlos P. Romulo theater and our cast just absolutely killed it last night on our Preview Night. They were all in the zone and the crowd, many were members of the press and sponsors, saw it for the first time and they were enjoying themselves and the response on social media has been tremendous and I’m just swimming in this feeling.

Check out these awesome photos from Myx who attended our Press Preview (link).

It was a very special night because it’s the only night where all eight cast members will be able to share the stage. Three of the roles have alternates and, since we are only running for two weekends, we wanted the press and the sponsors and our special guests to at least get to have a chance to see the whole cast in one show. It was just so awesome to see everyone on that stage and do their thing and they were flying.

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 3.44.48 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 3.45.44 AM

Is this what it is all boils down to? All that hard work and days spent just pouring over the text with the director and the actors and the stage managers and everyone involved with the project? It culminates into this feeling of finally being able to release all that energy into the audience and hearing them reacting to it the way we wanted them to and ways that even we didn’t expect.

I now completely understand the addicting nature of the theatre and why people are so in love with this whole process. Or maybe I’m just saying that now because we had an awesome Preview Night and everything just worked magically. Maybe it’s not always like this. But that’s what happened last night. And it’s out there. And we’ve got two weekends to just share all of that with a new audience every show and I have this amazing feeling like it is just going to get better.

I am so happy. Euphoric. That’s the word. I’m in this state of euphoria.

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 3.45.11 AM

They loved it. The crowd loved it tonight. Our cast was stellar. Our prod team was precise and absolutely flawless. The audience was so giving and generous. I’m on cloud nine.

Still free-falling. And it feels amazing.

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