Remnants announced at Flipside Publishing’s FB page

So, after thirteen years of writing poems for myself, I’ve finally compiled the best pieces for a first collection and that collection, Remnants, is coming out very, very soon.

Check out the screen cap from the FB page of Flipside Publishing:

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 12.51.55 PM

The book is ready but we had to send it back to the conversion team because of a few typos that we caught and now we are just setting up a price and very soon, it will be available at the Flipside website and other online outlets. We are just making sure of the proper marketing strategy before we put it out there.

Yup. It’s happening. Remnants will be out in a few days, maybe a week at the most, and it’s the start of something very, very new for me.

I’d be so happy if you all would help spread the word, buy a copy once it comes out, tell me what you think. I’m even thinking of creating a hashtag (#RemnantsPoems) for it to help spread it around social media. We’ll see. I’m not very good at this whole self-promotion thing. But I want people to read it.

It’s why I write.

2 thoughts on “Remnants announced at Flipside Publishing’s FB page

    • Thank you! It will only be available as an e-book. There isn’t a print edition yet but will work on getting that done soon.

      Thank you, though! I appreciate the support!

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