this is not an excuse

In the rush and flurry of all the work that I’ve been doing, I found myself in hot water over something completely inexcusable. I’ve disrespected someone I admire very much and a professional I was working with and I took things for granted and I placed the work before proper etiquette and proper decorum.

It’s unbecoming and it’s shameful.

I’m glad that this person is a friend and that this person was able to tell it to me straight and politely, though with the full force of the truth and I’m very grateful for that. I asked for it and I got it and the opportunity came for me to apologise and to try and make amends.

If anything, I am accountable for my actions and will take responsibility for them. In the absolute passion in what I was doing, I took for granted that the work I’m involved in is creative in nature and collaborative and certain protocols were not followed and I made a grievous error.

I hope my apology matters and that I would be able to patch things up with this person. I’m just glad that I’m sensitive enough to have realised that I must’ve crossed a line and asked for this person for the truth and that our friendship is strong enough for this person to tell it to me with no bullshit and showed me the errors of my mistakes.

I’m going to learn from this and I will never do it again. I got so caught up with what I was doing that I wasn’t seeing the bigger picture and I should’ve known better. I really should have.

I wish I could be less vague but I am not going to point out names or talk about this in length. I just want to get this out of my chest and to put this out there that just because you love what you are doing and doing everything you can to do good work that you cannot ever forget to respect the people around you. The process is essential; the process is everything, it’s not the product.

I have forgotten myself in the mad dash to trying to achieve something. I won’t let that happen again.

I am so sorry.

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