The Brazen Ones (Circuit Magazine)

I can’t help but feel a little giddy. I got interviewed for Circuit Magazine with the head writer Jam Pascual for the work we are doing for No Filter: Let’s Talk About Me and I’m kind of giddy about the whole thing.

screenshot from Circuit Magazine's website

screenshot from Circuit Magazine’s website

Read the whole article here: The Brazen Ones (Circuit Magazine).

It’s weird. I’ve been written about before in other magazines. But it’s always about my HIV story. I rarely get to be interviewed and written about for my writing. I think the last time that happened was when my friend Cat Juan interviewed me for writing Sonata for her blog. I was so thrilled to see it. It was an article about me as a writer. I’ve always identified myself as a writer first and foremost but the HIV advocate sort of became all that became about online.

So, seeing this feature on Circuit Magazine is making me really, really happy.

And to be interviewed side-by-side by a poet and a writer I have come to respect and admire so much from the month and a half that we have been working together on No Filter makes it even more amazing for me. I’ve been called one of the head writers of the show, alongside Jam Pascual, but I have always thought of Jam as the head writer and I am the Dramaturg. I guess they just don’t make that distinction because they don’t much about what Dramaturg is or does and they haven’t really seen our process but I really feel Jam did a lot of the heavy lifting.

Regardless, I’m just thrilled. This is so exciting for me. I feel validated as a writer of something potentially great. I love this show. Maybe I am attached because I’ve been working on it so closely for the past two months but I’ve really put so much of myself into this and I just really want people to see it.

Read the article, get intrigued, come watch our show, and tell us what you think. 🙂


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