The Sandbox Theaterati

Now that I’m working very, very closely with The Sandbox Collective and seeing how they work and the kind of shows Artistic Director Toff de Venecia wants to pursue with the company, I’m really going to try and help them out the best that I can to get their shows up and running and that people will go and watch.

Being a part of their Theaterati program will help you score complimentary tickets and get you so many perks as well.

Take a look at the offer and see if you can be a part of the program.

Take part in the program now and you can catch our show No Filter: Let’s Talk About Me this coming July 25.


LOVE the performing arts?
Interested in new, groundbreaking, cutting-edge theatrical work?
Do you LIVE and BREATHE theatre?

The Sandbox Collective invites YOU to be a part of our Theaterati Program. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to invest and experience the creative process of our productions from start to finish as well as to actively engage in an artistic dialogue with us.


The role YOU play, as a member of the Sandbox Collective, is as important as any played on our stage.

Here are the Theaterati Packages we are offering.

For any inquiries, call The Sandbox Collective at 585 6909 or 0917 899 6680.


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