the need to stretch

So, yesterday, during rehearsals, some of the creative team were asked to join the actors in a Viewpoints workshop and I somehow managed to find myself there. We were doing improvs and it involved a bit of running and jumping and, knowing me and improvs, a lot of jumping into the ground and doing weird, strange shapes with my body. It was fun. It was nice to bond with the actors that way and to be a part of their creative process and I’ve always enjoyed acting exercises.

you have to stretch... you just have to and, I suppose, there's a metaphor there somewhere but I'm in too much pain to try and make connections

you have to stretch… you just have to and, I suppose, there’s a metaphor there somewhere but I’m in too much pain to try and make connections

Problem is, I just joined the fray and wasn’t really thinking and because I didn’t do any real stretching exercises or the like, by the time we were blocking and I was just seated and listening and watching the play unfold, I felt my legs give way.

This happened to me before. I went and did a spinning class on an invite from my friend. I went through the whole cycle, not one to do anything half-baked, and I killed my legs. Somehow, the muscles at the back of my legs just gave out and I had no strength to lift my body. Every time I bent my legs, there would be no power to keep my body up and I would just fall over.

This lasted for about two to three days. I was stuck at home and I was unable to bend my legs, otherwise I’d fall. So I would have to straighten my legs, sometimes I would have to manipulate it with my hands, and then lock my knees and get up and walk like Frankenstein’s monster just to get from one end of the room to the other.

I fell about four times in those four days.

That’s what happened to me last night. I locked my knees straight and tried walking to my car after rehearsals and when the ground elevation shifted, I tried to adjust, found myself bending my leg and I just fell down. I scraped my knee and injured myself. I think I might’ve twisted my ankle.

I was still able to get home in one piece just as my car began to overheat when I was almost home.

I wanted to cry. I felt helpless, and worse, I live alone.

I woke up today and my legs have returned to their normal strength, at least. Happy about that because I have stuff to do in the bank. I need my legs.

I need to start getting physically active again. I’ve been in front of my computer for far too long and I haven’t been doing my yoga at home with the Yogify app. I was taking dance classes just last January and now this. How did I let my body go? When did I become so lazy and so… tired?

I gotta fix this. Like, now.


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