After an intensive three weeks of working on the material for No Filter: Let’s Talk About Me, I found myself reconnecting with old friends. Yesterday was the first day that I had no deadlines to meet and no rehearsals to attend, so I had my first free day in a month that was dedicated just for me.

With one group of friends whom I keep track of on a Viber group thread, I would just read the messages but don’t really interact, I finally got to say “hi” and engaged with them again. We joked around and had a long enough conversation to just let them know about who I am and what’s up with me.

One of my friends from college, one of the few that I’ve kept closet to my heart (even though we haven’t really spoken in almost four years or so), we got to talking and a simple call to set the date for our next meet-up ended up into a 2-hour phone call where we made preliminary catch-up.

Now, I open my Facebook and a friend of mine who left for the US to study and take her master’s degree is back in town for awhile and I had to say “hi.” I hope to be able to set a hang out session because we have so much to talk about, for sure.

I was planning on making use of the time to write a script and instead, I just allowed myself to be and tried to stay away from my laptop because I’ve been in front of this damned thing for the past month. A little distance from this machine, I thought, would do me good.

After all, I’m back in front of it and I have to go to rehearsals later. Back to work. Back to the show.

Just because I’ve now fallen in love with the theater and theater work, it doesn’t mean that everything else that I was goes away. I’m still me and I still love these people very much and I still have a wide range of other interests, as well.

It was a nice feeling to be able to reconnect with my friends in a way that allowed me to reconnect with me.

I love the theater and I love what I’m doing right now but that’s not the entirety of me. I’m more than just that. I’m a whole lot more than what I’m current project, no matter how much I am in love with it.

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