Future Tense: A Review of Tomorrowland

I had high hopes for Tomorrowland. I love Brad Bird’s work, most notably The Incredibles and I enjoyed Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocols a great deal. But it wasn’t just about falling short of high expectations. I don’t think the problem was directorial, really, but a poor script. It lacked focus and they hyped up Tomorrowland so much but spent most of the movie trying to get there and not actually being at this place. It was quite a let down.

Read the review here: Future Tense: A Review of Tomorrowland.

Like my friend Cez said: "When the trailer is way better than the movie."

Like my friend Cez said: “When the trailer is way better than the movie.”

I hope that this doesn’t discourage Brad Bird from continuing to make live action films and working on original material. We don’t have enough movies with original concepts and ideas anymore and that’s a damned shame. It’s all recycled stuff or adaptations from source material from different mediums like books, graphic novels, and 80s cartoons.

It’s as if Hollywood has lost its nerve and is scared for putting out fresh, original material. And that’s sad.

But this won’t kill Brad Bird’s career just yet. He still has enough credibility to redeem himself. I am eagerly awaiting for his next foray into a live action adventure.

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