Go fund Regina’s Julliard Education

I kept seeing this photo and status updates on the newsfeed of my friends in Facebook. Go fund Regina’s Julliard Education and on the status updates, a lot of my friends in the theater all talked about what they thought of her and her experiences and skills and potential and promise.


I got a Facebook message from Regina and apparently I had met her before. I gave a talk to Tanghalang Pilipino back in 2013. I was asked to give their actors a chance to interact with someone living with HIV and to ask questions. I had a dialogue that whole afternoon with the company to help them prepare for a “theater for development” project they were doing alongside with UNICEF. She asked if I could help her by sharing her IndieGogo fundraising campaign to help her cover the full costs of her continuing studies in Julliard.

Apparently, it’s very, very rare that a born-and-raised Filipino would get into the Drama Division of the prestigious school and considering how the theater and performing arts scene is growing dramatically (pun intended) and really blossoming, it would be wonderful that someone from here could go and get further training there and bring it back with her.

I went to her website (reginadevera.com) and discovered the full extent of her potential and promise.

So if you want a chance to help someone realise their dreams and go where very, very few Filipinos have ever gone before, please take a look at her IndieGogo site (#gofundregina) because even ten dollars will help her get closer to her mark and if enough people help out, then she has a chance to really make bigger changes to what’s happening here.

All it takes is ten dollars. Twenty dollars? Hasn’t anyone helped you out before? And if you can’t donate, then at the very least share the link and help spread the word.

Because the arts, art education, and all the people who are serious in pursuing it should be encouraged and helped as much as they can. I hope you can do a little something as we

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