the first of several versions

A few entries ago, I talked about being someone else, being different versions of me. This is what I was talking about. This is one of the photos she took of me and she digitally put my poem on the wall, and of all the micro-poems I’ve sent her, which I thought would be perfect for the wall, she chose In Love Like a Fish because of its sentimental reasons to me.

"In Love Like a Fish" Photo by Tuchi Imperial Poem by Wanggo Gallaga

“In Love Like a Fish”
Photo by Tuchi Imperial
Poem by Wanggo Gallaga

I love this photo. Actually, I love a lot of the photos that she showed me, after we finished one lay-out. I felt different back then. I felt confident and sure. I was a lot of things that I am not normally in my day-to-day.

The posture of this person in this photo. He looks like me. Those are my words on the wall but that person isn’t me. Not yet, anyway. Because now I know that in certain conditions this person can come out, then I know he is somewhere deep inside of me. I just have to adjust the conditions. I just have to make it less restricting.

You saw something in me and you brought it out, I said to Tuchi in a thank you message after I saw this photo come out on Facebook. She found it, she created this space that I could feel comfortable letting this part of me out, and then she put it up against a beautiful backdrop and then lit the hell out of it, and found the best poem to adorn the wall.

It’s a great photo, but to me, the real artistry is how she was able to dig this person out. This version of me. The first of several. Because she took several. And I can’t wait to see the rest.

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