no connection

For almost a good full three days, I have had no connection whatsoever, or really poor connectivity at that. Something went haywire on the PLDT system and I have no dial tone on my landline, which means no DSL, which means no Internet. And my condominium is a low-to-no signal area for Smart so I can’t access 3G and I keep losing signal so it is impossible to make phone calls. I keep getting cut off or I am suffering from a really bad connection and the line of communication is choppy.

Three full days. My whole life has been on a standstill, trying to get an answer from PLDT on when I can expect a return of service and I get no clear answer. They are checking out what’s wrong, they’ve given me three reference numbers, even though I’ve just been trying to get an update. They have promised me that a service technician would come over but they never do.

Welcome to the Philippines and the disgusting third world oppression of anyone who isn’t a fucking CEO of some company. Our laws don’t allow foreign businesses to get a decent foothold into the country so we have no real competition for the telecommunication companies and we only really have a choice between three or four and they are all the same. Not one of them needs to improve because, well, as long as they make money and they can charge us for their bad service and unreliability, why fix what the people will still pay for even if it is broken?

That’s how I see it, anyway. And it’s like that for every big business. Monopolies in almost every big industry and no one has to be better because no one can afford it. The laws make it so.

Someone is making lots of money and it is in the expense of the people.

Sometimes I really wonder why I’m not a Marxist when the corporations have all but chopped away at us and sold our pound of flesh and made a profit and we keep searching for more pieces for them to cut because we just want whatever tiny piece of the pie they have to offer.

I’m too much of a romantic, I guess.

I have so much work to catch up on and the whole world is falling apart around me. The lack of connectivity, to me, just stems from a really severe case of Mercury in Retrograde. Do you know what that is? It’s an astrology thing and you should look it up if you don’t know what it is. It’s one of the routine everything’s-fucked-up situation that happens three times a year for a three week stretch, in most cases.

Without good Internet at home, I have no reliable access to anybody or anything because my cellular signal is intermittent and unreliable. So what have I done in the past three days, while waiting for PLDT to move their fucking asses and fix the problem? I’ve been watching a lot of movies that I’ve been saving up. I’ve been examining my life, sadly enough, with an air of sadness and cynicism. It’s not a good place to be, really.

I have a lot of anger in my heart right now. I keep losing my cool and giving the customer service representatives a hard time and that’s not fair of me. I always end up saying sorry but their lack of any sort of information does not calm me down. I don’t feel like they are taking care of things. Their scripted answers only serve to infuriate me and make me ask more questions.

But it isn’t the CSR’s fault. I should really just learn to keep my cool.

Even when things are just falling apart around me.

I should just write more poems.

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