what a find!

what a find!

what a find!

So I managed to lose my driver’s license at my Dad’s exhibit. I woke up yesterday and I just couldn’t find it. I got my replacement today but I spent a great bulk of yesterday going through my room looking for it, just in case I may have just misplaced it or something and in the process I found a hard-case folder where I kept these clippings of a column called Poet’s Choice.

Back in the late nineties, my family subscribed to a newspaper called Today and they featured a weekly column from abroad called Poet’s Choice. I used to read it up and at some point, I would cut it out of the newspaper when everyone was done with it and kept them in a hard-case folder for future use. When we were subscribed to Today, Poet’s Choice underwent three writers — Robert Hass, Rita Dove, and David Hirsch — and I haven’t read them in a very, very long while.

And now I found them again after such a long time and I was overjoyed because I’ve left all my poetry books in Bacolod and now that I’m looking for new styles and voices to learn from, I was scared I’d have to go and buy more books online when I already have so much as it is — just in a different location. I don’t want to buy just yet when I’m saving money. But having found these clippings, I’ve gotten a sense of where I would like to go and what I would like to try out and do for my work. I’ve already gotten inspired to try out some new structures and techniques. It’s quite exciting for me.

Again, things falling into place. I’m going nuts at how things are just landing on my lap and all at once too. I better hustle. I’m not letting all these opportunities go to waste.

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