Controlled Burn

I haven’t written a poem in a while. I told myself I was going to stop because I wanted to discover a new style, to find a new way of articulating and expressing myself. I wanted my poems to sound different and to really immerse itself in language and not just imagery.

I haven’t tried to write a poem, though I knew I was still going to write poems on Instagram and Twitter, but I find myself unable to write even those. I open my Twitter app on my phone with the intention of putting out a micro-poem and nothing comes out. I look through my photos on my phone and find so many that I could use as a visual inspiration to start a piece from but the words don’t come out.

I start to think that when I decided to change my style and my articulation, my whole consciousness (subconscious and unconscious included) have synched and agree whole-heartedly and I must now go into some sort of poetic sabbatical to find this new voice that I want for myself.

Immediately, I started thinking of the fires that farmers do — when they burn the fields right after a harvest because it is supposed to be good for the land. I looked it up on Google and found Controlled Burn. This is what wikipedia says about it:

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 5.10.04 PM

It makes a lot of sense, though. This is the meeting point between agriculture and art. This is where the science of tilling the soil meets the creative spirit’s attempt at recreating itself. It needs to clear the path for it to be able to renew itself.

There’s a poem there. I know it. But if I were to sit down and write that poem, it would just be like all my other poems and that’s why I haven’t sat down to write it. It’s time for me to really start buying e-books of poets that don’t write the way I write.

I’m going through a process of controlled burning. I’m setting fire to the fields of creation found within me so that a new kind of poem can grow.

I accept this. Coming from the AIFFA, I want to write movies again. And I feel more and more inclined to start on my novel/novella. I seem to be edging towards fiction now and I embrace the change.

Burn. Burn it all down. So that new things can grow.

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