Rockeoke 2015: One Night Only; Party like it is 2009!

So apparently, this is happening tonight!


Rockeoke was a big thing from, maybe, 2008 to 2009? Maybe 2010? My friends and I heard about this event that happened every Monday at Mag:Net: Bonifacio High Street where you can sing a song on stage with a live band. We are such hams and it sounded a whole lot better than going to a videoke place and so we checked it out and it became a regular Monday thing for us.

We came so often that we got to become close friends with the owners and eventually, they even asked me to help host the New Year party (since I was there almost every Monday and knew all the regulars and how the show went) so that the hosts can enjoy the evening. I had such a great time and the owners — Gabe, JC, and Quark — that they asked me to become one of the regular hosts.

I was there almost every Monday of every month, just being myself and having a grand time of things. It’s such a fun, let-your-hair-down sort of thing where it is perfectly okay to make a fool of yourself and sing like a rockstar for just one night, even if you have absolutely no talent.

Rockeoke eventually ended and Mag:Net in Bonifacio High Street closed and while other bars have taken to the concept, none of them (in my opinion) captured the vibe or the energy of the original Rockeoke. But that’s just my opinion. You don’t have to take my word for it.

There have been one shot reunions of Rockeoke and I even remember being asked to host one for a corporate event that took the concept for their company Christmas party. Wow! I got a hosting job because of it — who would have thought?

Well, it is happening tonight and I hope all the old regulars are going to be there. It will be a blast to hear people let it rip for songs like Alone by Heart and, of course, Total Eclipse of the Heart, which is always the end of our first set.

It’s going to be fun. Hope to see everyone there later. I haven’t hosted in a long while but I’m not nervous. Rockeoke is my turf and we just have a lot of fun doing it and I’m going to get to sing a song on stage, which I haven’t done in a while. The reason is because I really can’t sing but that’s not the point of Rockeoke. We just have fun at our own expense. That’s the way of these things.

So let’s bring it on!

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