So Who’s the Boss: a review of You’re My Boss

myboss4This was the article I was referring to in a previous post. It got published the day after I said it would be published but that was because the office got intense on the first working day after the long Easter break. It happens.

My review for You’re My Boss came out and I’m still kind of proud because I went and wrote a review that verged on actual criticism. I make it a point to tell people I’m a reviewer and not a critic. I know exactly what it means to be a critic. I took up Literary Criticism in college so I think I know the difference and what I usually write for Juice are reviews. But this is closer to criticism and I’m kind of proud of it.

Here’s my review: So Who’s the Boss: a review of You’re My Boss.

I got the go signal from my editors to change it up every now and then and I feel good about that. It’s good to be able to have an editorial board that’s very accommodating to my needs as a writer. I hope to write this way more often, in the future.

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