three years later

It was a friend’s birthday yesterday, so I went online and opened Facebook so I could check our “friendship” on Facebook and see what photo I could use to post for her birthday greeting. As I was going through the photos on our shared timeline, I saw a post that she shared on my wall with the trailer for the film Celeste and Jessie Forever.

This was back in August in 2012.

I realised I hadn’t seen this movie yet so I got a copy and started to watch it and it struck me very strongly. I’ve seen references to the movie in the Tweets and status updates of other friends on Facebook and knowing that it was such a massive impact on my friends made me resistant to see it because I’m stupid that way. I like to go against the grain and to forge my own identity. I’m stupid that way. I like to have a different aesthetic to keep things interesting for awhile. It’s a thing that I do. I am pretty dumb about it but I don’t do it with everything. I eventually jump into the bandwagon later on but not while the iron is still hot.

Because of that, I kept putting off seeing Celeste and Jessie Forever.

But it is Holy Week and there’s nothing much to do so I decided to give it a whirl and it’s my friend’s birthday and she wanted me to see it as far back as 2012, so I got a copy and I saw it.

I’m glad that I waited this long to see it. I really needed to see it right at this moment. I don’t want to make anything of it but ever since I had my theta healing a couple of months back and I started to feel reconnected to the universal frequency, it seems that everything I do now resonates with something inside of me.

It’s a love story, yes, but it is also about personal growth and acceptance and evolving and becoming mature and I feel like I’ve been doing that a whole lot the past few weeks. And this struggle that I have with letting go and moving on, it resonated so strongly to what was happening in the movie.

How strange how everything just seems to fall into place and they keep falling into place.

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