Cinderella: Magical, Charming, Surprising

I was expecting to hate Cinderella, to be honest. The trailer just looked cheesy to me. But, no, I was charmed. The film is so charming. It was so charming that I sort of got very annoyed at the moment when they had to show the sequences of the Fairy Godmother and how they used the magic because it broke away from the light touch that was used throughout the film. Director Kenneth Branagh went heavy-handed with the transformation scenes and I’m already bored with Helena Bonham Carter and her quirky, crazy characters but, in Cinderella, she’s actually just right. But the transformation sequences were way over the top.

Thank goodness it was only two sequences. Everything else was just marvellous.

Read the review here: Cinderella: Magical, Charming, Surprising.

Lily James and Cate Blanchett are pitch perfect as Cinderella and Lady Tremaine, the wicked stepmother

Lily James and Cate Blanchett are pitch perfect as Cinderella and Lady Tremaine, the wicked stepmother

The acting is wonderful, especially by Downton Abbey’s Lily James and the always-magnificent Cate Blanchett. Richard Madden is dreamy as the prince (he makes me want to go out into the forest and rescue deer and stag in the hopes of finding a prince just like him).

Over-all, I was pleasantly surprised. It was charming, more than I gave it credit for and I’m glad my friend Cez got me into the theater to watch it.

2 thoughts on “Cinderella: Magical, Charming, Surprising

  1. Original cartoon still better. If we keep supporting unnecessary reboots they’re going to keep remaking shit until they run out of great movies to make less great versions of.

    I still watched it though.

    • I agree. There are plenty of unnecessary reboots going on and we really need to make it clear to Hollywood that we want new, original material.

      But I have to disagree with Disney’s choice to re-tell their classic cartoons because there are outdated sensibilities that pervade through their classic films, most especially in their depiction of women.

      I’m all for the redefining of the princess framework that presents women as having choices and not being all about “finding their prince.”

      These stories need to be retold because this is primarily shown to children and children should learn at the get-go about what they should aspire to.

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