Ego (acoustic) by Zola Jesus

I discovered yesterday that Zola Jesus put out a record recently and listening to just the 1-minute sample of two tracks, I knew immediately that I wanted the whole album and bought the album off of iTunes.

I listened to the album and found the new album, Taiga, to be more accessible and radio friendly than Stridulum, which is not to say that it isn’t magnificent in every way. She still delivers her consistently powerful and confident singing that pushes her delicately and deliberately precise lyrics and then reinforces it with a massive and epic musical score that settles directly behind her voice. It’s magnificent. It’s the welcomed presence of steady, pulsing beats in several of the tracks that makes it easier to relate to and more radio friendly, in my opinion, but it doesn’t take away from the emotional intensity of the whole sound.

Of course, my favourite song is Ego, the song with the most dramatic build up. Lately, the universe has been reminding me that I’ve forgotten myself and to push myself forward and to put myself first.

And then this song comes along and she sings about the struggle that I’ve found myself facing currently and in a rising crescendo that becomes a powerful declaration of being.

I love it.

And then I scour YouTube and found this:


How can I not fall in love with this song? Zola Jesus is just truly magnificent.

From Ego (written by Zola Jesus):

I used to think

Humility was everything

The only way through

To ourselves

I fought against the ego

I thought fear brought me closer

To the truth

I fought against the ego

I knew it brought me closer

To losing

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