Leaving the Umbra

I came into this world
at quarter past three in the morning
during a partial lunar eclipse.

I don’t know what that means.

Maybe that’s why
I’m not afraid of the dark?
Maybe that’s why I spent
most of my life in the shadows.
Maybe that’s why
I didn’t know that I was full.

Maybe that is what it means.

But I am full; I am whole
and I came into this world that way
but for so many years,
in the safety of the umbra,
I’ve forgotten what it meant
to change the course of the tides
and to shine a light on to the world
when all is enveloped in darkness.

But love reached out to me,
even at my apogee,
and dragged me back into alignment.
I am not beholden
to the cosmic choreography
that was laid out before me.
I have my own gravity.

In recognising that I am whole
I finally know what that means.

No more living in shadows;
I can give off my own light now.
That was the circumstance of my birth
but not the path that was chosen for me.
There are no roads out here in space
and light shines in all directions.

I now know what that means.


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