What You Don’t Know (Published in Panorama Magazine)

I got published today! My poem “What You Don’t Know” got published in today’s issue of  Panorama Magazine of The Manila Bulletin. I am feeling so good right now.

This is a poem that originated from one of my one-liner Tweets with the hashtag #forfutureuse. I sometimes find myself writing down a verse or a thought that just seemed like it should be in a poem or in a script and I put it down on Twitter with that hashtag and the ending line of this poem comes from one of these Tweets.

You can read the poem at the Manila Bulletin website here:

What You Don’t Know

There was a time when Cirilo Bautista was the Literary Editor of the Panorama magazine and all young aspiring poets wanted to pass through his selection process and find their work in the magazine and now I did it. I don’t know if Cirilo Bautista is still the Literary Editor but it just feels good to finally been in the magazine as a poet.


2 thoughts on “What You Don’t Know (Published in Panorama Magazine)

    • Thank you so much for saying so. I really appreciate it.

      What I feel for the person I meant it for has changed greatly since writing that piece but I always seem to find myself back in those feelings.

      Who it’s for seems to change over time but the feeling always returns, somehow.

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