a genuinely profound moment

Last night, on my way home, I felt the need to write a Twitter poem. Anything really, because I just felt that I had experienced a genuinely profound moment. I haven’t written a Twitter poem in a while, all my metaphors are repeating themselves and I’ve been in the same state for quite awhile now so I haven’t been saying anything new.

But there was that moment and I just had to process it and this is what came out:

After we were

introduced, we

talked until our

souls fell out

of their bodies

and became stars.

The night claimed

us and we felt

whole again.

I was still feeling sore from yesterday’s spin class but since I could walk and stand up without falling over, I decided to go to work and I attended a launch party for an online channel so that I could write about it. I was early and it started late; and it was more “party” than “launch,” very informal and more of a social gathering of like-minded people. I actually work very well in these situations but I wasn’t feeling a hundred percent. I stayed in one corner, sat down, and waited for the launch proper to begin.

A guy sat in a chair in front of me and when the host came by to talk to him, she introduced us and told us how we were both interested in the arts; that I was a writer and a poet and that he writes too but is more of someone who appreciates it.

We started talking and we just didn’t stop. We talked about art and education and the world. We moved our chairs to properly face each other and the conversation got intimate and personal. Bands performed, playing world music, and there was a woman dancing in the traditional Filipino folk dance, and the studio was filled with fairy lights set up on a fake tree inside the space, and there we were talking about our lives and intimate personal details of our story.

We really connected, a total stranger, really, but in the two hours that spoke, we felt like we had gotten to really know each other.

It was completely platonic thing, by the way (I feel like I have to make that clear just in case people misconstrue my romanticising of the setting and the intimacy), but it was a real event. Somehow, his life experiences validated things I was dealing with in my life and, I feel, the things I’ve learned helped him think more about the issues he is dealing with in his life. A totally random encounter. But it happened and that moment moved me.

I enjoy the company of my friends and family. But I’m so used to connecting with them that I take it for granted. We are always honest with each other and vulnerable. We allow each other to see how we are fragile to one another. But this was a person I had just met and we were able to reach that level of vulnerability and show the cracks in our structure and the light that was still intact inside us without feeling we were at risk of losing anything important.

I hate to turn that moment into an anecdote, into a blog post, but I was genuinely moved. I felt changed. Though we exchanged numbers, I don’t know what is to become of us, if we are to become friends or if, getting to know each other more would make us realise that we don’t have that much in common other than what we needed to tell each other that night. But that night was real. A pure moment, if I may say so, with no agenda. Just two people talking, sharing, and learning from each other. And I’m very glad it happened.

I felt whole again that night. Like everything is new and possible.

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