without borders

I saw this on Facebook (and since it is a public post, I felt that it is okay to share it here) because it sounds like the way things should progress towards. I don’t know how. I’m not that well-versed with politics or history but it is something, as a person who believes in globalisation and one human race, that I think is better than what is going on right now.

The world is divided and it is a conscious construct that we can deconstruct and breakdown and reinvent and redefine. I don’t know how to do it. I don’t have the means, the education, or the background to make it come to pass but I will support it.

This idea of territory is completely man-made and what we can make, we can unmake.

This is the post I saw on Facebook that lead me to say these things:

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 3.17.42 PM

What frightens me is that, the current system at place favours the wealthy and those who have the means to buy the necessities of life for others and they dictate the rules and the terms for the rest of the world. I like this idea of the removal of governments and the installation of managers because the term managers, as I read into it, is more about efficiency and quality of life. It is not a means with which to govern or to determine what is allowable or not. It means to ensure what works for the system and good management can take into account all the variables — race, religion, creed, gender — and though it is a monumental task, it is not impossible.

A thousand years ago, the world didn’t have the tools to mass produce books and not everyone was educated but we were able to reach this point.

I’m not an idealist, I like to consider myself a realist. And I think it is realistic to think that we can throw down the shackles of this present system and adapt a new way of life where we focus on living interdependently — instead of dependently or independently — of each other.

I don’t know how. There are people out there who are working out the kinks. It’s going to be chaotic and it won’t happen in one big upheaval. But it can happen.

We just want to want it bad enough and put in the work.

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