defining THESE SPACES (Fringe Manila)

Fringe Manila is happening and there will be over 90 artists, groups, and companies performing over 300 shows in venues scattered all around Manila for the 2015 Fringe Festival. It’s going to be crazy and having to choose between all the possibilities is going to be exhausting. But I’ll do it. A lot of great companies and artists will be showcasing their work and I will not deny myself the experience of something truly magnificent or transformative.

But, in some strange twist of fate, I found myself participating at one of the events. I’ve sent a few poems to see if I could be included in the open mic list for These Spaces by White Wall Poetry and, lo and behold!, I got in.

10427294_345984385589144_9208348093217954077_nSo now I have to start preparing and psyching myself up for a performance.  It’s kind of interesting, the piece they chose from the few that I sent them. It’s something I haven’t read out loud before and it’s not on this site. It’s a new poem and it will be making its debut on These Spaces.

They are even offering workshops for public performances of the poems which I’m thinking of taking. I think they want us to memorise the poem but this is a verbose one. It’s long and it’s conversational so it isn’t going to be that easy for me to memorise it. But I’d like to go to the workshop anyway and find out how they conduct it and get to meet some new people and make friends.

The poetry community is one I’d like to become friends with and become familiar with and be a real part of. Poetry is real integral to me and my day-to-day and it’s time to start bringing it outside of just my personal blog and my social media. I really have to start engaging with it some more and getting my poems out there into a tangible, corporeal space and not just the Internet. I need engagement with my work. It’s what I really want to do.

Fringe Manila is going to be exciting and big and great and now, I’m not just watching the shows, I’m going to read a poem in one of the shows. I’m going to participate. I’m freaking out but I’m excited. I need my work to get out there. I need to meet the community. And this poem, it needs an audience. It needs to be heard. I want to give it a voice.

It’s time.



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