reviews for Into the Woods and Birdman

Can I just take this time to say how much I adore Emily Blunt? I think she’s absolutely wonderful and she was a scene-stealer in The Devil Wears Prada and, now, she’s one of the most beautiful and a most engaging presence in Hollywood and I personally feel that she hasn’t gotten her break just yet. It seems that the projects she’s a part of, no matter how good the film is (like Edge of Tomorrow), seems to not quite make it and has kept her from being a breakthrough-star.

I hope that all changes with Into the Woods.

The best things about Into the Woods are the orchestration of the music and Emily Blunt's flawless performance of The Baker's Wife

The best things about Into the Woods are the orchestration of the music and Emily Blunt’s flawless performance of The Baker’s Wife

I really, really love this musical and know it by heart and so I really forced myself to watch this movie on its own merits and not compare it to the musical that it is adapting and I felt that I had been able to achieve that fairly and objectively. I also stopped myself from singing along throughout the whole film, which was very difficult.

Read my review for Into the Woods here: Into the Woods: Charming.

I found very many flaws, damaging ones to the whole film, but nevertheless, the music and the magic that director Rob Marshall was able to weave at the first half of the film doesn’t take away from being able to enjoy this adaptation. Chris Pine is magnificent in it as well and I hope, along with Emily Blunt, that their careers will take off the way it should. I feel that the projects they have been connected with somehow has kept that from achieving the superstar status they deserve. I’m hoping that this movie, which is doing amazingly well, will do that for them.

I also saw Birdman and my review is now up on Juice. It’s not so much as a review, really, and more like a long-assed raving of this film and a technical explanation of why I think it is great in the form of an extended gush. I was gushing from beginning to end and I’m not ashamed of it. Everything about Birdman is exceptional.

You can read my review here: Birdman: Probably the Best Film of 2014.

Everything from the acting, musical score, cinematography, production design, and that amazing script all comes together, guided masterfully by Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu’s directorial vision. It’s just so freaking good, I still can’t believe that something so good exists.

Everyone did amazing work but Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, and Emma Stone deserve an Academy Award for their part in Birdman. The performances were so layered and complex and they made it all work and feel so believable and true. It was surprising at every turn and they kept this electricity alive throughout the film and kept the script grounded. I’m just still in awe of this amazing film.

Emma Stone and Edward Norton are electrifying in the superb Birdman

Emma Stone and Edward Norton are electrifying in the superb Birdman



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