Unusual Fire

Love is an unusual fire;

fire needs fuel to burn,

but love can exist in a vacuum.


Even if you were invisible

from my day-to-day

the heart will draw you in.


The sound of all that matter

rushing in to fill the void

resembles a howling.


The heart’s reach extends further

than what is corporeal; it can grasp

and brings towards it the imaginary.


Love can blaze on shreds of fantasy;

so even if I render you invisible,

my mind can keep the embers from dying.


No, what is needed to tame

this burning is the creeping and cold

embrace of what is true.


And what is true? That you do not

burn for me. That I am not

the warmth you crave for.


And when the truth fills the void

in my heart, the coldness of it

shall set this flame to rest.




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