the thing about lines

So I saw this old Tweet of mine from last year on TimeHop.



And it is a strange coincidence that a year later, these are words I needed to hear. It’s like a gift from the past, reaching out to my present self to remind me that I’ve been through this path before and that I will be okay. I made it through a year after I wrote these words, and while I may have found my way back to the very same place, I made it through. I’ll be able to do it again.

I sort of remember why I wrote these words — not exactly who it was for — but I know the hidden meanings behind the thought process.

I do want to correct it, though. Twitter’s 140 character limit makes it difficult to make the thought as clear as I would have wanted it to be. I think it should read:

The thing about parallel lines is that they travel in the same direction, but never touch. Perpendicular lines may intersect but they go further apart after and never meet again.

I thought the very nature of the definition of what both lines are would suffice and warrant not having to spell out the consequences of the relationship between these two lines — but a year later, I want to spell it out. Because, as you can tell, I’m not just talking about lines here.

This is definitely going to go into a poem, or if I can’t find the structure and the style that I can work with to bring this imagery into a form, I’m definitely going to use this in an essay. This is just too rich an image to let go and it is constantly a repeating pattern in my life.

Maybe it could even be a tattoo design? I’m still seeking a new design for a tattoo and this one is now starting to jump out at me. I’ll let it settle for a bit and come back to it and see if it resonates at a later period and maybe the search will be over.

4 thoughts on “the thing about lines

  1. I think this is a very interesting tattoo idea. I was making a painting background a while back and scraped 3 thick parallel lines in black paint to reveal the beige paint beneath. I liked it so much I never painted anything over it.

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