Dancing the Holiday Fat Away & 2015’s Sensational Sequels (Juice articles)

New year’s celebration and the Papal Visit did a little number at the Juice office, I think, because we’ve been a little remiss in our getting back on track with our publishing schedules. I’ve submitted some of these articles earlier but they kind of got lost in the holiday rush.

But I came out with a couple of pieces for Juice, including my article on Dancing the Holiday Fat Away, about how I’m using my dance classes at Daloy Dance School as my preferred fitness regiment for this year (and all the year’s to come, to be quite honest).


I am going to unabashedly supportive of Daloy Dance School (and Company). Dance has been my first love ever since. I was dancing before I could even string words together and, at 35, I’m really just having a ball rediscovering it and Daloy has given that back to me. I really, honestly believe in the power of dance and what it can do for a person, whether they are just watching it or if they are the ones dancing themselves.

All their shows, and their classes, and whatever help I can give, I will be helping them out. I’m that much of a fan.

My other article that’s out now at Juice is 2015’s Sensational Sequels, where I take a look at the scheduled releases of the year (or the ones that are already scheduled) and try to give a rundown of what to expect from the list, which include Terminator Genisys and Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, among others.

I’ll be trying to contribute more to Juice in 2015. I really am very grateful for giving me a platform to talk about the things that interest me and the website and their team seems very happy to have me on-board. The feeling is mutual.

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