against a bright, magenta sky

It was cold and overcast in the first two days of our trip to the beach. My friend Stacy brought work with her and disappeared for most of the first two days while my other friend, PJ, did bring work as well but opted not to and just soak in the atmosphere. I saw Cez on her phone every now and then, probably just checking up on things, but not really working-working, if you know what I mean.

I didn’t even bother bringing anything work-related at all.

Even if it was freezing, I jumped into the water and stayed there until my face got numb from the cold. I floated out in the deeper part of the sea and, in the shallow parts, let the waves batter me into the sand.

At night, we drank rum cokes and some of us danced against the backdrop of a bright magenta sky.

Not really my best move, but I just free-flowing at the beach, can't even remember what song was playing, and this shot was taken candidly by Cez

Not really my best move, but I was just moving in a free-flow at the beach, can’t even remember what song was playing, and this shot was taken candidly by Cez

I needed this. I really let go of some important work and now it has caught up with me. Today, I’m going to be working on all the articles I didn’t finish before my trip but I really did not have the heart to do any of it and I couldn’t put a single word on the document. I couldn’t start writing.

On the morning of our last day at the beach, the sun came out in full force and we were up early and had breakfast and I was out in the water playing with Cez’s nephews in the water. Later, we even tried to play a bit of beach volleyball. The sun was out and I was soaking it all in and I’m sure I got darker and some bad mojo, I’m sure, just flowed right out of me.

I also got the strangest answer to a question I wasn’t sure I asked. It all started pretty accidentally but the situation presented itself and it was there and I just let it unfold and the answer was simple, really. The answer was,

It doesn’t have to be. You’re happy enough with what you’ve got.

Sorry for the cryptic lesson that I learned, but it’s one of the few things I won’t talk about so openly. Not yet, anyway. It’s too early, too fresh, and others are involved. But let’s just say it was a timely answer and it’s all about not always getting what you want, but knowing what you ended up with is better than nothing at all.

It’s about gratitude, I suppose, my answer; now that I think about it. It’s about contentment. I was never happy with contentment. I thought it was the same as settling and it’s not. It’s two different things altogether. Being content is a good place to be. It’s more solid and stable than joy and happiness and it lasts a hell of a lot longer than those two things.

You can live a whole life just being content. I’m happy with content.

And I got that from my latest beach trip. The first of many, hopefully, for this year.

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