Pure Shores (All Saints & London Grammar)

As you are reading this, I’m on my way to the beach. It’s my first beach trip for 2015 and I hope that this is one of so many that I’ll be taking this year. If you really know me, you’ll know that the beach is where I return to my neutral state and recharge. I haven’t been to the beach since September when my brother brought me to Algarve in Portugal and I got to swim in the Atlantic.

In a way, it is why I love the song Pure Shores by All Saints. Everything about that song brings me a feeling of being in the beach or coming towards it. The melody, the rhythm, the lyrics, all of these things brings me to my happy place inside and it really feels like I’m going to the beach or that I’m there.

It’s definitely in my iPod and I plan to hear it when I’m sitting on that beach chair, sun on my skin, feet digging into the sand, and wondering if I’ve been sociable enough already to be able to get up and run into the water and stay there for as long as I am able.

This is a much needed break from everything. I’ve fixed my playlists on my devices so I have music and I’ve pre-scheduled and written these posts way in advance (I usually schedule posts a day before any trip). But I want this so badly. I need this. I can’t wait to go.

And just because I’m so happy, I’m going to also put London Grammar’s cover of Pure Shores here, just because I can:


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