in need of a beach

I am going to be needing some beach time very, very soon.

Aside from the fact that I might have two projects that are set in a beach, I have always been reinvigorated by a visit to the beach. Getting into the water, floating in the sea, and getting a tan has always managed to heal my soul and I think I’ve been needing some kind of salt water healing for some time now.

I remember this shot from 2 years ago in October, 2013 and I thought it was so lovely -- I need something like this again

I remember this shot from 2 years ago in October, 2013 and I thought it was so lovely — I need something like this again

If our first project pushes through, I might be in a beach for over 20 days and the thought of that makes me giddy with joy. Of course, where we are going will mean very poor mobile reception and even less possibility of Internet but then, it would be nice to disconnect for a month and I’ll be in a beach, and I’ll be working on a film, and I might be able to write another film while I’m there. The possibilities of that particular trip are endless and I cannot wait.

I hope that pushes through.

I am making plans to visit a beach next weekend and I hope it pushes through as well. A two-night escape from the city and a chance to dig my feet into the sand and jump into the cold waters and feel the salt in the water against my skin and the sun on my face.

I’m smiling just writing this down.

The beach has always brought me back and settled me. If I was too high or too low and unable to control the extreme emotions that I usually have to struggle with, getting some time with the sea always brought me to a neutral space. It’s my soul’s gravity and it grounds me. I don’t know why. I’d like to think that it’s some cosmic relationship with the whole idea that I’m a Pisces and I was born during a lunar eclipse. I have just always been comfortable in water.

If I could afford it, if I were rich, I’d buy beach front property in Batangas or Bataan and build a small house with good Internet and just live there five days in a week and come to Manila on Tuesday and leave on Thursday for any meetings that I may need to do. That’s the dream, for me. To have this small little studio in Manila for when I’m there, just for my meetings, and then spend the rest of the week in my lovely little beach house by the sea. That’s the dream. That’s the goal.

But for now, I have to make beach trips and plan and hope they push through. And I need one now. I think my last visit was in Algarve in Portugal last September and that’s way too long.

I need to go to my heart’s home.


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