partying ’til the sun comes out

I left the house at around 2am on New Year’s Day. I had spent the turn of the year in my brother’s house with my brothers and the moment the fireworks and the firecrackers had died down, we said our goodbyes and greeted each other our happy wishes and I drove home with my other brother on the passenger side.

I took a quick shower, dressed up, and went out to party.

My family are not party animals but I always enjoyed the noise and the dancing and the passing of good energy around. It was just something I started to do when I turned 21 and I have been doing it ever since.

Group selfie outside of The Curator, before heading out to Finders Keepers last January 1, 2015 -- Sev, GP, Morx, Kate, and myself (photo by Morx)

Group selfie outside of The Curator, before heading out to Finders Keepers last January 1, 2015 — Sev, GP, Morx, Kate, and myself (photo by Morx)

The older I got, though, the harder it was to find a place to party until the morning light pierces the sky and breaks it open. Before, I knew exactly where to go and what to do and everywhere I went, there was someone I knew in the bar or club and I could just party indiscriminately.

It’s not the same anymore. I’ve gotten older and choosier. I’ve become more particular about my surroundings and if I were going to go out on New Year’s Day, I would like to spend it with special and not just anyone. Not anymore.

The New Year’s Day celebration of 2015, though, was quite an amazing one. I went to The Curator — my favourite hang-out and drinking place of 2014 – for something chill and steady with good, good friends Kate, Morx, Sev, and GP. And after we had a couple of rounds, we went to Finders Keeper and Black Market for something a little more chaotic (but not too crazy).

It got wild, though. But I was in great company, and to make it even more of a surprise, I saw a lot of people outside — waiting to get in — that I was very happy to see. My group didn’t quite make it in Black Market as we were having so much fun dancing away at Finders Keepers. I saw more people there and hung out and we were just having so much fun.

By the time we were feeling our age and it was time to be heading home, we stepped out of Finders Keepers and it was morning. Yup. We made it to daybreak.

I didn’t even join half the group when they went out for breakfast. I just wanted to go home and sleep. But when I woke up, I saw all the photos of my other friends inside Black Market and I wish I went in and joined the fun there too. I think that would have been great as well. I think I could have lasted another hour and a half. I think I still had it in me, even though I fell straight to bed after my shower and my head touched the pillow.

It was just nice to have a good New Year’s Day celebration — complete with good company, dancing, laughter, and just plain old good cheer. I drank but didn’t get drunk. I was pretty sober and it was great that nobody was insisting I had to be drunk (like how it was when I was in my early to mid-twenties, those days are over, thank God!).

Everything is good. Started the year with a bang. Let’s keep it going.


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