Everything is New

He flipped a coin

and before it landed on the ground

it was the new year.

In that split-second

between 2014 and 2015,

it could have been heads or tails

and now that the year has turned

we had our answer

lying there on the gravel

but I didn’t look

and I made sure he didn’t

by stepping on the coin

and covering it with my shoe.


His smile was like the moon,

covered in clouds that you couldn’t tell

if it was full or crescent.

It was just hanging there.

His eyes on me.


This was an act of surrender:

flipping coins and not caring

if it were heads or tails.

This is how we will enter this new year.

We will permit the outcome

to be whatever it is

and not be beholden to it.

We will just do it

because we still can.


Like coins in our pockets,

like leaves in the wind,

like the stars shining

in unpredictable weather.


Everything is new

and the surprises that come

are its greatest gifts

and we would happy to receive them

as we should be happy

to just be flipped around

and to land where we may

and feel the ground catch us

and hold us steady

no matter what part of us

is facing up or down.


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