I’m feeling Christmas now

The Christmas elf (circa 2008)

The Christmas elf (circa 2008)

It had to take my brother, Jubal, who came to town for the holidays to get me to drive off to SM Megamall so he could go shopping and we could have lunch together for me to finally get into the Christmas spirit. I’ve been annoyed at how down and whiny I’ve been here on my blog and in general but I’ve been exhausted and pretending that I’m not would only make it worse, I thought, so I didn’t try to hide it but I would get pissed at myself for allowing the negative to rise up and take centre stage.

The traffic wasn’t bad and I was spending time with Jubal, whom I don’t see very often as he is in Bacolod all the time.

Yes, there were people in SM Megamall but Jubal and I were having fun and we went shopping and it was great trying to find clothes for him. It was difficult. He’s fat, much larger than he has ever been, and I was getting frantic trying to find stores that carried clothes to fit him. There were some but they didn’t look good on him and I wasn’t get depressed.

I had gone shopping with him before with our sister-in-law Kristi and we had a great time styling him and helping him choose nice clothes and he looked great and we were able to find affordable clothes that made him look good. It didn’t make him look slimmer but he looked good and I was really proud of that day.

This was the absolute opposite and I felt bad but, at the same time, I felt good because he saw how hard I was working for him and I found strength in his appreciation of what I was doing. I found strength in being there for him.

And if that’s not the Christmas spirit then I don’t know what it is.

I’m shocked, absolutely, that Christmas is three days away. Before the sun set, I was able to make all the calls and found the last order I needed to do for our Christmas Eve family dinner. I made the reservation and the plans for pick up on the 24th. Now all I need is to buy a Christmas gift for our family exchange gift and I can just coast a bit until the day itself and then get to work.

It’s Christmas. It’s here and my Mom is just down the street. I’ve been chatting with my sister Michelle quite a bit these past few days. I’ve been taking the time out to tell people I love them and I couldn’t ask for anything more, really. It’s here. Christmas is here.

Merry Christmas.

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