in a heartbeat

it takes just a second:

eyes locking, smiling, an incandescent glow


and then somewhere

there is a flash of light

and a hurried, agitated flurry

of electrons


yes, it’s lightning

but it’s something deeper than that

it’s beneath the skin

on a cellular level

and it floods the veins


did you know some flowers

only bloom at night,

or release their fragrance

in the absence of sunlight?


they say salmon swim upwards,

against a waterfall,

to have children and then die.

the cost of survival is a death-defying act

that defies physics

and reasoning


that’s why some people

are still alive

after being lightning-struck


love is an act of rebellion

against the certainty of death


the heart will stop beating

when we come within the presence of the right one —

it’s all chemistry, really —

but for the force of our will

we press on


ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump


this beat is of our own doing.

we dance at the edge of oblivion

and everything else in creation


we expel our very being into the darkness

because we are not flowers

but fish caught in the current

of a gigantic cosmic stream


the deeper we swim

the closer we seem to get

to the source of all this water,

outside all this science,

past through all these tired metaphors

and into that which makes no sense,

and all within the span of mere seconds


ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump

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