Just Another Day

The sun, a few puffy clouds floating

in the sky that’s just the right shade of blue

that I think of the sea

and it evokes the sound of gentle waves

crashing somewhere

in the back of my mind

but what is audible

are car horns, and the marching band

practicing, yet again, in the school

near where I live.


I’ve made my bed

and had toast and jam

for breakfast and my cup

of coffee and answer e-mails

and my feet are on the ground

and if I press down,

I’ll have force enough to move forward.


Just another day,

an ordinary day,

and I’m not broken

by the things that were said

the night before

and the future that has been erased

and left empty

and free to be filled

with new details and plans.


“Let’s just be friends,” is not

the end of the world.

It’s not the end of mine, anyway.

I look out the window

and it’s an ordinary day.


It’s just another ordinary day.

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