Horrible Bosses 2: Outrageous, Irreverent, Hilarious

I was so scared coming into that theater to watch the sequel of Horrible Bosses. I really was. Why over-extend a joke? I didn’t think it was possible to recreate the hilarity of the first movie but I was wrong. Horrible Bosses 2 is just as funny as the first film and, hey, if there’s Chris Pine in it, then I’m fine with watching it. I’m glad he gets to show off his acting comic sensibilities again because he’s really, really good at it.

Here’s the link to my review: Horrible Bosses 2: Outrageous, Irreverent, Hilarious

Oh Chris Pine... I pine for you!

Oh Chris Pine… I pine for you!

I think the unfortunate one in this whole affair is Jennifer Aniston. She was so good and so funny in the first movie but here, she just doesn’t seem to fit because her role is not integral to the plot. She’s not even a plot device. She’s a sub-plot that doesn’t quite gel and it shows and it leaves her with very little to do than to try and bring out a few laughs but because it doesn’t really do anything for the whole narrative in question, it comes off as off-key.

It’s sad because she was really good the first time round.

I didn’t think I was going to like Horrible Bosses 2 but it works. I laughed out really loud.

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