movement with Daloy Dance Company

I’m a dance nut. I’ve always been since I was a little kid. I’d put on CDs in our living room sound system and dance to musicals and film scores that my Dad had and would just dance for hours. My parents asked me at ten years old if I wanted to take dance class and I said,  “No.” I was a dumb kid and I guess I was scared.

I think it’s my only real regret.

It was only after years of dancing in the club during my twenties and then seeing So You Think You Can Dance that I realised there is a career in dance and it could have been my life.

But, after 11 seasons of So You Think You Can Dance and having seen most of the Step Up movies and music videos with great dancing and theater productions with a lot of dancing, I thought to myself, “I don’t care anymore. I don’t care if I’m in my 30s. I’m going to dance.”

Dysmorphilia by the Daloy Dance Company, performed at PETA Theater Centre at The Imaginarium (Photo by Tuchi Imperial, taken from Daloy's FB page)

Dysmorphilia by the Daloy Dance Company, performed at PETA Theater Centre at The Imaginarium (Photo by Tuchi Imperial, taken from Daloy’s FB page)

After watching The Sandbox Collective’s The Imaginarium, I got to see the Daloy Dance Company’s Dysmorphilia and was impressed. I’ve never seen a live Contemporary Dance performance before and I was just so happy to see one here by a local company. When I found out how close Daloy Dance Company’s studio was to my place and that they were offering classes, I knew I wanted to go.

So yesterday, I went to my first Adult Beginner’s Contemporary Dance class. Ea Torrado led the class and it was what I thought it would be. We did stretching exercises, worked with a few combinations centred on the basic formations of ballet, and did a whole section that forced us to keep our arms and spine aligned while working on leg movements and moving across the floor.

We then ended the last thirty minutes working on improvised creative movement exercise, working alone and working with a partner, and then a whole jam. Ea Torrado told me that many students come for the improv jam, wanting to just lose themselves to the dance and to feed off of everyone’s energy and to feed others with theirs. It was a wonderful thing, to be in a room full of people just dancing, moving to the music and just feeling it. I was so happy, you couldn’t believe.

Of course, now my body is sore but it’s a good kind of feeling. My muscles are all charged up and I feel alive and there’s a lightness in my heart (as corny as it sounds). I think I could have been more brave. I think I could have let go more and not have been so self-conscious. I was holding back, for sure. I was still uncomfortable. I didn’t know anyone there but everyone was so nice. But I was too self-aware. I didn’t trust and so I found myself retreating to my own dance and stayed insular. I was scared of hurting others or not being able to match their frequency. Again, I was performing and not being lost in the moment, like I feel they were pushing us towards.

I feel, though, that the more I do it, the more I will feel more courageous. At some point in the jam, one of the company members of Daloy interacted with me and I allowed myself to just go with it. It brought me somewhere else and it was quite amazing feeling. I wish I could have been that porous the whole time. Again, I was self-conscious.

I want more. I want to do it again.

Last night's Adult Beginner's Contemporary Dance class with Ea Torrado doing our best Mariah Carey-inspired pose because "Always Be My Baby" was our last song in the jam

Last night’s Adult Beginner’s Contemporary Dance class with Ea Torrado doing our best Mariah Carey-inspired pose because “Always Be My Baby” was our last song in the jam

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for and I’m happy that it’s at a studio that’s really close by and that I really enjoyed my first day and everyone was so encouraging and supportive. I fed off the energy and tried to give as much as I could. I am sure that I am going to be back. I’ve been looking for this for a long time now. I’ve always been such a chicken and the biggest excuse I could give for not going was distance. I’ve found several dance studios but they were always so far away.

Now, I’ve found one and it’s nearby and it’s contemporary, which is my thing, really. They also have classes on Movement Meditation and Creative Movement (using improv techniques to create movement and dance) and an Adult Beginner’s Ballet class. I’m thinking of those as well.

I’m never going to be a professional dancer. I’m far from being good enough to do the things I see on television or on stage. I don’t have the strength and my body is not ready for the kind of movement that I would want to do. But I want to dance and I want to dance with less limits and restrictions. This class is going to help me do it. And I don’t have to go and fight it out in some club were people don’t know how to share the space and are not really out there dancing but doing something I’m not familiar with. This is a great place for me to just lose myself in a dance floor with other people dancing their hearts out. That’s what I want. I can’t wait to go back.

Daloy Dance Company is located at Sikat Studio Inc. (305 Tomas Morato, Bgy. South Triangle, Quezon City) and you could contact them at 351-7367 and 0905-3022437. Follow them on Facebook at


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