Blogs: Berto in Brogues: The Main in the Rain (Haiyan, A Year Hence)

I blog but I don’t really read blogs. I’m not much of an Internet-person. I use social media, I check my mail, I blog, and then I’m out. I spend a LOT of time on social media — that’s how I come across articles and the like. It has to be recommended by friends, really. I am not the kind of guy who goes out and looks for the information on the net.

I use it for research but I already have a goal in mind when I do. I don’t just go off rambling about looking for interesting stuff. If I’m writing about something and need more information, I’ll be online and search all the keywords, visit sites, fact-check, and the like.

On my own? I don’t do that at all.

So when my friend director/actor/(and everything else) Joaquin Valdes told me about his new project, Berto in Brogues, an online guide to being a Filipino gentleman, I commended him, told him it was a good idea, and read the first few entries when it launched.

But again, I’m kind of a self-centred internet user. I went back to my usual internet routine.

Then, he asked me to take a look at his one-year look into Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan post, a sort of anniversary post, using his good friend Atom Araullo as his entry point. I thought it was pretty amazing, allowing him to talk about Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan but still keeping in line with the whole theme and objective of the blog. Unlike mine, where I go and just about anything and everything, he has managed to retain focus and stay within his objectives.

See The Main in the Rain (Haiyan, A Year Hence) from Berto in Brogues.

(taken from the Facebook Page of Berto in Brogues)

(taken from the Facebook Page of Berto in Brogues)

I think that’s why I’ll never be a professional blogger. I have too many interests and I can’t discipline myself to stick to one in my blog, nor am I fastidious enough to open different blogs for my different interests and post on them. I’d rather keep it all in one place. As random and chaotic as I am as a person is how my blog is going to be.

I’ve met Atom a couple of times through friends, once through Joaquin after catching his performance in the show The Last 5 Years and everything they say about him is true. Joaquin knows him personally and using him as his focal point to talk about Haiyan and to give a call to action on how to be a true person to your calling was actual pretty genius. I guess you couldn’t really think of a better way to put all these elements together — Haiyan, being a gentleman, being a person, what to do after, what the tragedy of Yolanda/Haiyan can teach us to move forward — in one blog about being a good Filipino gentleman.

Like the Berto in Brogues Facebook Page here:

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